9 Craziest Digital Arts and NFT Projects — Some are Plain Ridiculous

People still have so many questions about how a single digital image sold for $69 million, but believe me, it’s just getting better…


The world has been hit by a storm of NFT hype. Soon after the world-breaking NFT auction of digital artwork by Mike Winklemann, also known as Beeple, at Christie’s was sold for a whopping $69 million, many people claim this as the beginning of art future.

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are unique files that are stored on a blockchain and have verifiable ownership. This is the first time in history people can own an original digital art and collect them like physical one. Imagine like owning a signed artwork by the original creator but digitally.

This technology has blown up all around the globe, and many digital artists are jumping on NFT train like crazy. From an already established artist to newcomer are now filling up the marketplace selling artwork as NFT.

Some reasons why Beeple’s artwork has become so valuable are because he has a huge fan base (approx. 2.5 million followers across social channels) and he’s famously known as a man who make art literally every single day for 14 years. However, there are also few people out there who are just riding the wave just to make quick buck.

Some popular NFT marketplace offer curated arts with very strict selection process for artist and creator to enter and sell their art, like SuperRare, Foundation, and Nifty Gateway. Some other are open for anyone — you are free to sign up without any audition and upload your art in just few clicks, like Opensea and Rarible.

Therefore, you know what to expect.

In this list, I make a compilation of 9 Craziest Digital Arts and NFT Projects you can find on the marketplace — even some are still available for you to buy — that are just mind blowing. Not because of the beautiful aesthetic or its cutting edge visual, but because of its uniqueness. They are unusual, bizarre, brilliant, provocative, and some are just plain ridiculous.

1. Digital Primaries, by UNHOMED

Red pixel listed for $900,000

An image of single pixel (1x1 px) of red color from the RGB color set. Really the entire collection of Digital Primaries consist of three RGB colors. I don’t know if this category fits into minimalist art. Nevertheless, they are still available on Opensea and you can make an offer or buy with the fixed price.

2. 10,000,000x10,000,000, by xyz

White blank image

You can find this one on Foundation marketplace. The artist explains in the artwork description as “…a 1 million pixel png that’s encoded with a series of nested zip files ultimately containing 99 million copies of itself for a total of 100 trillion pixels.” This one was sold for $20,000. The artist — known as SH0LMS — has sold many provocative artworks across marketplace. You can follow him on Twitter for any upcoming release.

3. 1111 by Kevin Abosch

Cryptographic alphanumerics

This collection is made by a famous conceptual artist Kevin Abosch. The artwork itself contains series of cryptographic alphanumerics with solid color background. Many of the artworks are still available on Opensea, the price ranges from $2,000 to $100,000. You can follow him on Medium to explore more about his work on crypto conceptual art.

4. NFTs, explained. by visualizevalue

Non-fungible token

I love this one. A simple infographic about what is NFT. Look at that little blue verified check, brilliant. Sadly it was already sold for $135,000. You can follow the artist on Twitter.

5. this video has been deleted, by maxladabaum

right click, move to trash

It’s a video of someone deleting a file named “this video has been deleted” from his/her computer. It is still available on Foundation, if you are interested.

6. monalisa.txt, by loafgren

can you see the beauty

The artist converted the Mona Lisa painting into 8 million digits of binary code. And it was sold for just over $1,400. Can you see her smile now?

7. One Million NFT by onemillionnft

collaborative nft project

This one is still on-going. The idea of the project is to put images — equivalent to 1 million pixels — from different artists and creators, and make it into one single image. You can purchase a 10x10 pixel square for $10. Save a spot and your piece might become part of NFT history. Visit their website here.

8. The Most Worthless NFT in the World, by worthlessnft

For the rich who don’t give a f*ck with their Ethereum

This one is my favorite. The guy just blatantly claims that his artwork is neither worthy as investment nor as collectible art. And he’s trying to be honest what he wants to do with his earned Ethereum: to buy electronics and some groceries. Reading the FAQ is quite entertaining. You can check the website here to see when the auction starts.

9. nothing, by ryder_ripps

literally nothing

For a few seconds, I thought the image wasn’t loaded properly. Then I read the title again and it makes sense. It’s currently active for a bid on Foundation.

Hopefully this list sparks some inspirations to your creative mind.

I’m not affiliated to all of the NFT projects above.

Metaverse writer.